About us

Netport IT LLC is a brazilian IT service provider company estabilished in Curitiba/Brazil since 2004.

During those 20 years we always focused our activities on high quality services allowing our customers to achieve productivity increase and process optimization with precision, efficiency and innovation.

We provide IT support services for desktops, servers and networks and we also develop customizable systems. IT security and forensics services are also in our technical skills portfolio to always bring a better and complete solution for our customers while meeting market demands.

Now also incorporated in United States (in Houston/Texas area) since 2019, our goal is to achieve an international expansion and, at the same time, to help our US customers to better perform their activites while we can bring more jobs and opportunities for our local area in this country.


Here are the main services we provide.
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Apps / Systems / Websites

IT Support

IT Security


Outsourcing / Projects


Here we show our main solutions we develop with our own resources or with partners.
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POS System



Netport Monitor

Remote Access


Mock Attack

Black List

Wifi Wiz


Together we go further and faster!

Do you have an idea? We have a solution!

Have you identified a totally innovative business idea or a way to improve something that already exists? Do you need someone to develop a technological solution using systems (software) or equipment (hardware)?

We can analyze your idea from a technological and business point of view with our experience of more than 15 years in the market.

In partnership, we can also jointly develop your idea for future marketing, focusing initially on getting a minimally feasible version of the solution (MVP) and refining future developments and improvements after its release.

Investors of any size

We look for investors of any size with interest in the area of technology and IT to achieve the growth of our company and our solutions and services.

We believe that, especially in the area of technology, nobody has all the knowledge possible about something. Learning is always constant and fast. Therefore, we are not limited to financial investments but we also seek investments through specialized consultants who can invest their time and experience aiming results in our company.

IT Professionals and sales representatives

We look for partnerships with the community of IT professionals in various regions of Brazil and the world.

IT professionals and sales representatives can represent our services and solutions to their customers by utilizing our solutions in their daily activities or by reselling and receiving commissioning on their sales.

Likewise, if you or your company have some interesting solution, we can represent your solution and help you sell it, always seeking a fair partnership for both parties.

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